A little history about MobiLearn

Digital lifestyle

Smart-phones are no longer just phones they are mini-computers. Owning a smart phone today is not only about making and receiving calls and messages, yet this is how the majority of the non tech savvy population have come to view their devices. Smart mobiles have numerous tools to assist in our daily social, educational, and primary health care needs. It is therefore regrettable that these life changing tools are not sufficiently harnessed. Whilst this may not apply to the young and tech savvy, it certainly applies to the great majority.

Founder and history

Free Your Mind Technologies | fim-tee | was founded in 2007 by Dr Hasmukh Gajjar. Since inception it has been the vision to establish programs and projects that provide support and training to accelerate migration of the ubiquitous feature phone (voice and text) to smartphones – the internet connected and empowering technology; devices beyond basic voice and text to the potential of living near full digital lifestyle. Born, raised and educated in Africa, the calling to make a difference is all consuming!

Mobilearn Africa

Since 2016 Dr Gajjar and his team dedicated all their time and resources in creating training content in the form of videos and blogs to assist citizenry in unlocking the full potential of smartphones and other mobile devices. We are confident that the content we create and distribute, every citizen should feel digitally empowered to participate in the knowledge economy and embrace the dismediation caused by rampant evolution of technology. Now Africa has its own digital identity – dotAfrica. It is therefore with great pride that we launch our efforts as mobilearn.africa