Keying green screens or virtual backgrounds

What is Keying?

Keying is used when a virtual background or green screen is selected in online meetings. Let’s consider the use of a green screen for a further explanation into keying. The term keying refers to removing the green screen background in the video being broadcast in Zoom or Teams.

Here is a green screen example, BUT never have anything green on the person. That green item will also be blanked in the keying.

Once the green screen background has been keyed, it will be fully transparent, then you can fill in that transparent area with a different image or video.

If the background needs to be managed, consider improvising your background. Consider curtains or a sheet to cover the background, a bookshelf also makes a great background. We use Lastolite , a foldable grey sheet that can be set against a stand or hung against a wall.

Note distortion with virtual background

No virtual background, no distortion.


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