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With the lockdown and working from home, we work in our virtual office called video conferencing, or decentralised meetings. This is a new experience for many from politicians, CEO’s of large enterprises, civil society, and us, Joe Citizen. The outstanding feature of watching many of these on TV and elsewhere is just how many nostril [...]

By 30th May 2020, all Zoom clients on Mac will be automatically upgraded to 5.0. This update introduces a number of changes that will enhance the security of the Zoom App. The update which will happen on Monday 25th 2020, also introduces access to virtual cameras. Before this update, users were forced to use the [...]

The Series 3 Red Crown One of the more anticipated segments of this week’s Apple Event was the Watch. We skipped the Apple Watch Series 4 and felt it was time to upgrade and Series 5 was keenly anticipated. The cellular version we have of the Series 3 has a meaningless red crown – more [...]

Apple Event and impressions. Is it X, or is it 10 (TEN). That was 2018. Remember XR, Xs and XsMax! Well that convention was jettisoned for plain old iPhone 11. Thankfully it is not XI, its just iPhone 11. Yes there is the Pro part, and the S, and the Max! Then there is slofies, [...]

A good friend of ours, Zaheed, introduced us to this most awesome revelation, and it is just so simple. Often family and friends need help or support and one dives into Skype or TeamViewer to share their screen and verbally take them through a resolution. There is only one downside – they need the application [...]

In countries that mete out exorbitant data charges or users pay per meg high charges for WiFi connection, this feature in iOS 13 maybe most welcome. Scant information but once Low Data Mode is selected apparently the feature apparently signals apps that are high on data usage to halt background app refresh and to defer [...]

This is such an awesome new feature. Oh, so often I would want to save the entire full page when landing on something of interest. These days one prints the full page, not just the screen, or save it as a PDF after selecting print. The end resulting saved PDF often has no resemblance to [...]

Took a plunge into the public beta of iOS 13 on my main productivity iPhone and iPad. That is some bravery and/or how stable the public beta of iOS 13 is. Have a backup on an older iPhone with iOS 12, just in case. This is an impressive upgrade and as it settles towards the [...]

What is 4IR

There is a buzz in South Africa  – everyone is talking about 4IR. Have you heard of it? From artificial intelligence to robots, the 4th Industrial Revolution is here whether we like it or not. You may be wondering – What is it? Why 4 and not 2 or 3? We explain everything that you [...]

How awesome is this? Lego is piloting customised Lego bricks that teach children Braille in a fun way. Such a brilliant concept. For blind or visually impaired children learning Braille becomes fun. This was announced today and here is a link to a video on the Lego site. A must-see!