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A successful online programme for doctors writing their postgraduate specialty examinations paves the way to harness technology to upskill health workers – from anywhere, anytime – and in their hundreds if not thousands. Covid-19, lockdowns and stay-at-home measures have collectively had an unintended consequence: acceleration of online participation. Whether this took the form of webinars, meetings, [...]

Using a virtual background is sacrilegious A very lucid and physiological explanation of Zoom fatigue is given by Alex Lindsay during an Office Hours session. Alex explains the damaging role virtual backgrounds play in online meetings. In our opinion using a virtual background is sacrilegious. This video will start and end to view the relevant [...]

Websites are no longer the standalone portal to communicate a brand, given the proliferation of social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has changed how we consider developing a branded website. We formed mobilearn as a company in 2017 in pursuit of our vision of promoting digital literacy through the creation of simple-to-understand videos [...]

All the challenges we face as a nation today revolve around education. Obviously, mobile and digital technologies can accelerate the delivery of education. But the irony in South Africa is that digitisation is increasing the digital divide. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will never happen in South Africa unless literally millions of the country’s people [...]

“If it is possible to hold this course in person, would you prefer to participate online or would you rather attend in person?” An astonishing 100% preferred online attendance when polled with this question at the third FCP Pt 1 Refresher Course held in January 2022. Why would these doctors, who were taking their postgraduate [...]

Human capital is an important aspect for South Africa to be a contributor to the 4th Industrial Revolution. This creates a need to educate people on how powerful technology can be and how accessible it is. In a fascinating chat, the CEO of Mobilearn, Dr Hasmukh Gajjar joins Tech Central to discuss the importance of [...]

CEO of mobilearn, Dr Hasmukh Gajjar joins Tony Mobley as a guest in the latest episode of Conversations with Tony Mobley. In the captivating interview, Dr Gajjar talks about all things tech. From how he got started in tech to how he manages to continuously reinvent himself in the tech and entrepreneurial space. This interview [...]

Have you ever googled yourself and felt uncomfortable with your images being displayed in the Google Search Results? Now, imagine seeing your child’s images appear on Google Search as well. Online privacy has become an emerging security threat, especially for minors under 18 years old. Google has come to the rescue with its new policy [...]

From Netflix Games to Replays in Clubhouse, we’re got you covered on what you missed in Tech this week. Replays in Clubhouse <img src=”” alt=”” /> Clubhouse has begun to roll out Replays. Replays are a new optional feature that creators can toggle on or off for any public room. With Replays toggled on, users [...]

It’s here! Android’s operating system version 12 code, named Snow Cone 🍦 Here is our breakdown of all the noteworthy features. Personalisations Android 12 is all about the ability to personalise many of the functionalities of your phone. Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics… With the new colour optimisation, your wallpaper will automatically match with the rest of [...]