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The new normal and Arthur C Clarke

What revelation did Arthur C Clarke experience in 1964!

There is much current debate whether we will revert to “normal” once this COVID-19 pandemic has receded. Whether working from home is here to stay or we will revert to in person meetings and gatherings has many diverse opinions. What is certain is the fact that everyone of us has been thrust into virtual meetings and virtual meetings has become so pervasive that we are communicating and extending our network beyond the local, it is now global.

Office Hours epitomises this where more than one hundred individuals get together everyday and represent almost every continent on the globe. I now have friends in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Germany, UK, Hungry, Norway, India . . . . Each day we learn on how to look good, how to sound good, how to extend beyond one on one meetings and scale to events that include not hundreds, but thousands. This is what Artur C Clarke envisioned. The potential to scale beyond geographies and promote connectedness that is so beautifully expounded in Office Hours – today we realise the possibilities that Artur C Clarke saw as a probability.