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mobilearn’s Top Tech Stories

From Netflix Games to Replays in Clubhouse, we’re got you covered on what you missed in Tech this week.

Replays in Clubhouse

Clubhouse has begun to roll out Replays. Replays are a new optional feature that creators can toggle on or off for any public room. With Replays toggled on, users are able to replay the entire Room experience whenever they like. During Replays, you can still view pinned links, skip to the next speaker, and much more! So you’ll get the same elements of a live room and fortunately, Replays are available for both iOS and Android.

To read more about this exciting new feature, head here.

Google Docs – Approval System

Google Docs has just made being productive easier! After a 2 year beta period, formal document approvals are finally rolling out. This new feature makes getting approvals on documents so convenient! You can request approval within the Google Doc by entering a list of approvers, custom message, and an optional due date for approvals. Then the approvers will get an email with a link to the Google Doc. Currently, this feature is only available to selected Workspace tiers and not available to personal Google Accounts.

Find out more, here.

Full-sized images on the web

Person holding a phone in the dark with the Twitter logo appearing in the middle of the screen.

Awkwardly cropped photos on Twitter are no more! Twitter recently announced that users can now see full-sized images on their timeline in the web browser. The same goes for users that post their own images, they can now see an accurate preview of the image. This has come after Twitter removed the auto-crop feature on mobile for iOS and Android.

To learn more about this long-awaited feature, head here.

Take a Break – Instagram

Spend a little too much time scrolling through Instagram? We all do! Thankfully, Instagram is testing out a new feature called Take a Break. This feature aims to limit the time spent on Instagram by reminding you when you’ve scrolled just a bit too much. This feature is opt-in and once you do, you can choose how long you would like to spend on Instagram before receiving a reminder to take a break. As this feature is in the testing process, it is only available to a select few on Instagram.

Find out what Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram has to say about this feature here.

Netflix Games

The Netflix games interface displayed on a laptop, tablet and two smartphones.

Netflix Games is officially available on both Android and iOS! This new service by Netflix gives users access to a limited selection of mobile games without any ads or in-app purchases. For Android, the games will be available straight from the mobile app. However, due to Apple’s App Store rules, the games are available to download individually from the App Store on iOS.

To find out more about Netflix Games, head here.