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mobilearn Recommends: The Logitech Brio

With Mobilearn Recommends, we aim to share what tech products we are currently loving and why you should love them too!

As more people are working from home, webcams have become somewhat of a necessity to look and feel professional in virtual meetings. Finding the perfect webcam to add to your virtual meeting setup has become important.

That’s why we recommend the Logitech Brio. We love the Logitech Brio because of its high video quality and ease of use. It has easily become one of our favourite webcams.

The Logitech Brio – Notable Features

  • It is an ultra 4K HD webcam, ensuring high-quality video for virtual meetings.
  • The webcam includes High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology which automatically adjusts the camera to accompany the lighting in your environment.
  • With its autofocus feature, the Logitech Brio ensures that you remain the focus in your video.
  • The webcam ensures optimal framing by providing 3 Field of View presets to help you perfectly frame yourself in your video.
  • The Logitech Brio also offers dual integrated omnidirectional mics to perfectly capture your audio in videos.
  • With its noise-canceling technology, it helps eliminate any background noise in your videos.

Whether you are attending your weekly team meeting, or you are hosting a webinar, we definitely recommend the Logitech Brio. Its functionalities and high video quality will ensure that you always look your best.