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Why are webcams in short supply?

Often a laptop is the go to computer when attending virtual meetings with Zoom, Teams, Meet, Skype or WebEx. Some of the key factors that impact on the quality of a meeting is the video. Most attendees of these meetings will use the laptop camera or the built in computer camera. The laptop camera is notorious for displaying a most uncomfortable view – often pointing right up one’s nostrils. A desktop with a camera in the monitor is less problematic.

Using the laptop camera demands that the laptop be raised so that the video camera is at eye level or at the head level. This setting means that one is looking down at the camera and not the camera looking up. The most effective video camera for a virtual meeting is a webcam which can be placed at the appropriate height and angle. Good quality webcams are hard to come by since the COVID pandemic, or are priced much more than the normal. So why are webcams in short supply – supply and demand and all of us are having virtual meetings.

Logitech camera are the go to webcams for now. They have a range from the C920, C922, Streamcam and our favoured the Logitech Brio. The Brio is a 4K webcam with the ability to pan and zoom. In a Zoom meeting one can request remote control of the Brio camera and pan and zoom the image. More on that on a later post. So grab a webcam to enhance your look and presentation in the virtual meetings – which is probably all day!