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Zoom and Up Your Nostrils

With the lockdown and working from home, we work in our virtual office called video conferencing, or decentralised meetings. This is a new experience for many from politicians, CEO’s of large enterprises, civil society, and us, Joe Citizen. The outstanding feature of watching many of these on TV and elsewhere is just how many nostril have been presented with an awkward tunnel view. Most do not know, or simply are totally inexperienced on how to setup a video conference and some basic etiquette.

The number one issue is the microphone and the camera on the computer or laptop that are the video and audio selections. That is another post. In this post we will assume that there is a laptop or computer as the go to video conference resource. Let us assume we are working with a laptop. The following basic steps dramatically improves the presentation and seriously overcomes the nostril show.

Step one: Raise the computer off its base so that the camera is slightly higher than your head, maybe just top of your head. And then point the camera to your eyes. When looking at the screen keep your eye on the camera so the other participants see your eye looking directly at them. You can use a stack of books or any other handy item that will be your laptop platform.

Step two: Use better light. Take a tall lamp and set it on the side of the computer so that the light falls from behind the computer onto your face. If you place a white cloth or paper on the surface, the lamp light can give you some fill light.

Step three: I am not joking, but if you are lacking in the hair department or have oily skin texture, apply powder makeup on your nose, forehead and face. And if you bald, scalp it in. With these simple steps, with no cost involved, you will look like a pro and spare your nostril from being over exposed!