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appear.in is now whereby.com

A good friend of ours, Zaheed, introduced us to this most awesome revelation, and it is just so simple. Often family and friends need help or support and one dives into Skype or TeamViewer to share their screen and verbally take them through a resolution. There is only one downside – they need the application on their desktop/laptop, they need to create their own account or have passwords and permissions and, and, and, . . .you get the picture.

Dashboard of the whereby platform.

whereby.com is an elegant solution to easily video conference with up to 4 persons on the free version of whereby and also share the screen by one of the participants. Simply create a free account. Once logged in, (there is no password to remember – a numerical token is emailed to the account holder), create a room and name the room. Thereafter invite participants by sharing the url (web page address) link. Everybody navigates to the web page and boom – we have video conference. That easy. No dialling, invitees do not need passwords, just simply navigate to the page. Click here for whereby.com

There is also an iOS and Android app.