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Apple Event – X to plain old 11

Apple Event and impressions. Is it X, or is it 10 (TEN). That was 2018. Remember XR, Xs and XsMax! Well that convention was jettisoned for plain old iPhone 11. Thankfully it is not XI, its just iPhone 11. Yes there is the Pro part, and the S, and the Max! Then there is slofies, and more battery life. What the heck is slofies? Apple introduced SLO-MO to the front camera and now we leap from selfies to slofies.

Person holing an iPhone landscape with a black and white image of a woman with sunglasses and her hair blowing in the wind.

Interesting how Apple spent quite a bit of time on iPhone 11 (the XR upgrade) and talked about an additional camera, new processor chip in the A13 Bionic, more battery life. Almost thought that this was it. Clearly they realised that as the XR was their best selling iPhone, they pitched the iPhone 11 to most of us – the majority. The normal.

Then came the Pro part. iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro MAX. The Pro, and to some degree the iPhone 11, are all about the camera. The iPhone 11 Pro session presentation spent a great deal of time on the camera. Three lenses at the back, the FaceTime camera with slow motion in front, and at the back the telephoto lens, wide angle lens, and the ultra wide lens. Then additional info and more on the camera – this iPhone 11 Pro is clearly targeted to a prosumer photographer/videographer. The chip with machine learning on the device makes it possible to deliver the perfect image with computation on the device.

The  video editing enhancements were awesome. The on screen  selection of the lens options from telephoto to ultra wide was quite impressive. Outside of the camera enhancements I am a sucker for getting the newest. I plan to upgrade my XsMax to iPhone Pro. Definitely going for the small form factor.

The combination of iOS 13 and the iPhone 11 definitely shifts the game upwards, even though it may be a catch up to some competition, Apple just does it the Apple way.