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Courting iOS 13

Took a plunge into the public beta of iOS 13 on my main productivity iPhone and iPad. That is some bravery and/or how stable the public beta of iOS 13 is. Have a backup on an older iPhone with iOS 12, just in case. This is an impressive upgrade and as it settles towards the final release we will all move several notches up on efficiency and productivity. We will share our experiences with what’s new in iOS 13 here in the next few weeks.

Podcast App

Here is a huge change on how this app behaves when on the move. Listen to many video podcasts. Past irritation was that the podcast I was watching/listening to just stops when switching the iPhone off or switching to another app. Now that is no longer the nightmare. Once commenced that video podcast will keep running even if the iPhone is switched off, or the app is closed or switching to another app. AWESOME.

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